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Emme Rain was born as Lacresha Hayes. Under the name Lacresha Hayes, she became a senior publisher, an author and social media maven. She is the owner of Lanico Enterprise, former host of the hit BTR show, THE AWAKENING, Inc, and the founder of the Your Healing Partner coaching.

Under name Lacresha she wrote over 30 titles with 20 on the market, including the hit book, The Rape of Innocence: Taking Captivity Captive, and the popular releases, Unnecessary Roughness and Earmageddon. She also has several personal development books, and three poetic journals. Under the name Emme Rain she wrote the international best seller Spiritual Gangster.

Emme has over 18 years of writing, publishing and marketing experience, as well as 15 years of experience in business and nonprofit development. Currently, she focuses here writing efforts on personal empowerment blogging on her website and social media. Look for her latest book at

Business Mogul

Emme Rain has created multiple thriving businesses. Her success as a publisher, consultant, and consumer products provider has allowed her brands to impact millions of people worldwide. After achieving record breaking success as a consumer products provider, Emme is commiited to helping other entreprenurs and aspiring entrprenures achieve success in business. The powerful business techinques, spiritual approach to business building, and support that Emme and her team offer have helped hundred of businesses to grow.

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Dedicated to authentically sharing wisdom,skills, and prinicples from life's journey. Emme leads mentoring programs and classes to help move people towards wholeness and success…


Powerful metaphysician and alchemist. Commited to empowering people through healing, entrepreneurship, overcoming domestic voilence, and independent spirituality.


A dynamic, upbeat and heart powerful speaks with over 20 years of inspiring audiences of actions. From television, radio, YouTube, and social media vlogs thought leaders turn to Emme for inspiration, direction, and expertise on various subject matters......

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