Emme Rain is one of the country’s most impactful speakers on influence, business, and entrepreneurship to corporations, associations, entrepreneur groups, non-profits, government agencies, military organizations, and correction facilities. She would be perfect for your conference, seminar, award ceremony, and fundraising event.

Emme also delivers informative lectures on alchemy and independent spirituality to churches, as well as, spiritual and wellness centers. She is popularly chosen to present for keynote, retreats, conference panel discussions, and break-out sessions.

Emme’s unique and moving stories of tragedy and triumph, personal transformation and manifestation, business success, and her path to influence leaves audiences with practical tips and teaching points that energize them to take action!

Popular Keynote Topics

These humorous, uplifting, and inspiring keynotes can be fit into presentation durations of up to 90 minutes.

•Overcoming the Obstacles: Start Dreaming and Doing

•Healing Can Happen: Using Mind, Body, and Spiritual to Heal from Hurt, Rage, Trauma, and Disease

•The Power of Mindfulness: Practical Ways To Enjoy and Benefit From Being Present in The Moment

•Personal Transformation: From A Sad, Sick, and Nearly Dead Felon to A Fulfilled, Thriving, and Influential Mogul

•Spiritual Empowerment: Tapping Into the Spiritual Power They Didn’t Tell You About

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